About Us

Virtual Nanny is a “child of its time” but when this is over and these “strange times” are confined to memory who knows what the future may hold and what new discoveries we’ll carry forward? What will the “new normal” look like? We like to think, to dare to hope, that virtual childcare might be one of the many adaptations which may just stick…

Our Story

Founded by Elizabeth Rackow, CEO of After School Nannnies, Virtual Nanny follows in the steps of its “big sister” organisation in its ambition to support working families.

“We have always been driven by our passionate belief in the value of out of school childcare provision and at this time of isolation and social distancing we are striving to connect children with vibrant, creative online mentors to offer engaging, enriching and empowering extra-curricular childcare based on the creative arts. Now more than ever we need to be able to express ourselves, to share emotional responses and to record our thoughts. We are not alone. We are connected…”

Our Vision

Our long term vision is a landscape where every child has access to the broadest range of out of school provision, where attainment gaps are closed and social mobility is enhanced. As a first step on that journey Virtual Nanny hopes to offer a weekly quota of free online workshops to disadvantaged and potentially vulnerable children. We will also donate 25% of our profit to Family Action’s emergency Covid-19 appeal. You can support them too by clicking this link. “These are strange times indeed” but if we work together who knows what our collective futures may promise?