‘Stories From Around The World’ and ‘No Bake Baking’ with Olivia

£20.00 per hour


If you would like to book No Bake Baking, please book at least 48 hours in advance

Olivia is an actress based in SW London,graduating from drama school in 2018.  She has been attending drama classes for most of her life, starting out at the Polka Theatre when she was in primary school. She says this is what sparked her love of playing and inventing ideas!

When she is not acting Olivia works as an after school nanny and has also run a children’s book club.  Having seen first-hand how much reading encourages children to be curious and to look at the world in different ways (particularly at this time!) her Virtual Nanny “Stories From Around The World” reading sessions will introduce children to different countries and traditions and encourage them to respond to the story by drawing, writing or even acting out their own short story.  Each hour long session will be packed with reading, discussion, games and quizzes!

Ages 4-7

Olivia also loves to bake and create a happy, messy atmosphere in the kitchen! Her “No Bake Baking” sessions will feature simple but yummy ‘no bake’ recipes so that the supervision is kept to a minimum but the fun is at a high!

Ages 4-10

Fun Fact: Olivia’s favourite film growing up was School of Rock and after watching it she saved up for a year to get an electric guitar (she still can’t play!)